A bit of airline nostalgia.... enjoy...

A bit of airline nostalgia.... enjoy...


Para os aeronáuticos e simpatizantes.


French National Airlines in the Parisian (1950)


Lufthansa, 1950


Lufthansa Airlines ad of 1960


Lufthansa German Airlines Stewardess Photo (1961)


PIA Pakistan Int'l Airlines Stewardess Photo (1963)




PIA Air-Hostesses wearing uniform designed by Feroze Cowasjee 


              Pakistani International Airlines poster (1960)



Vintage Indian National Airways - 1947 



Air India, 1950s



BOAC's First Class 1960

BOAC Super VC-10 Jet to London, 1965



Vintage United Air Lines Ad - 1954




Pick your plane - 1950s


Pan American Choose Your Fare to Hawaii (1953) 



A real life Pan Am stewardess from the 60s 




Southwest Airlines uniforms in the 60s 



BEA - Rolls Royce powered Viscount to London



JAL, Japan Air Lines 1962




Iberia Airlines Spain DC-8 First Class Cabin (1964) 




1955 TWA. Photo by Sally Edelstein 



We're ready to board, sir.




A TWA Super-Constellation during early 50s 



TWA Airlines Airplane Baitch & Castaldi Fashion (1953) 



TWA in 1937




American Airlines, 1950 



All over the world, BOAC takes good care of you.



United Airlines stewardesses, 1930s 



Does anyone know how old this United Airlines photo might be? 




Early commercial aircraft interior – 1920s



SAS Scandinavian Airline System inaugurates first polar route to Europe in 1954




SAS cabin crew 1950s 



Coach Lounge in 1965 on a Braniff Airlines B-747 



JFK Airport - New York - 1964 



Air France DC-3 




Convair "Metropolitan"



Lufthansa's CV-340 in the 50s


Northwest Airlines




National Airlines








TWA to India




Capital Airlines



CSA Czech Airlines












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